Email Marketing

Email Marketing

As we have stated above, email marketing is one of the most powerful eCommerce marketing channels to not only make new sales but to generate repeat customers as well. There’s no wonder why leveraging email marketing will be the first practice that we want to introduce you to.

The first step to winning an email marketing campaign is to capture as many quality email subscribers as possible. Get started with email marketing by actively promoting your newsletter on blogs, social media channels and making an effort to lure customers to sign up for your email list from the website and product page.

However, capturing customers’ email is not enough to win your email marketing campaign. In fact, what you send them and what they can gain from your email is much more important. Along with sending out weekly or monthly newsletters, there are some occasions that your emails might be welcomed more, such as exclusive codes and free gifts, campaign reminders, thank-you emails, or asking for feedback.

More than that, email marketing can be an effective weapon to follow up on customers who abandon shopping carts at your online store. Customers might abandon their cart without making a purchase for various reasons, but it’s worth noticing that they could be persuaded to change their minds and return to your online store to complete orders. Sending an email to remind customers of their carts and how they want to purchase them in the first place can do you and your store wonder.

Email marketing strategy has once again proved its power, and leveraging this traditional and oftentimes overlooked method at your eCommerce store might bring more benefits than you thought of.